Double D Game Calls


Beard Bagger Box Calls

The Beard Bagger is one of our most popular calls we make. It has Walnut base and ends, with popular sides, and a cherry lid. This combination makes for the most realistic sounding box call on the market. With people all over United States using this call with great success. $25 BUY HERE

Spur Slayer Slate Calls

These friction calls have the combination of a Slate playing surface with a glass sound board all housed in a Walnut pot. Combined with a Hickory Striker this call is great to have in your turkey hunting arsenal. $25           Buy Heret

Owl Call

This all cedar owl call is just what you need to get those big turkeys to gobble in the mornings $18  BUY HERE



Crow Call

Another great locator call that works great on those mid mornings or afternoon hunts. This cedar crow call will get them fired up . $18 Buy Here